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In a "not so distant" future the earth is running out of Oil. The big Oil industry want to find a solution, to save their empire. They get an idea to travel back in time and create more dinosaurse, in a desired place, so they can profit from it in the future.

You play as a dino expert who's farming and trying to keep a balance in the dino population. 

Made by:

  • Attila Szatmari, Programmer, ripmatrixz@hotmail.com, http://matrixz.dk/
  • Jonathan B. Jørgensen, Programmer, (@)Pizzaernam, https://jonathanthe.dev/
  • RoxorLoops, Professional Beatboxer, @RoxorLoops, www.roxorloops.com
  • Oliver B. Vejen, Programmer, olivervejen47@gmail.com
  • Svanna Christiansen, Animator,Creature Design, Swoonc@hotmail.com
  • Harpa Ellertsdóttir, CG artist, harpaell@gmail.com
  • Niki Haugaard, Programmer, Nikihap@gmail.com
  • Peder Sloth Züricho, QA & Sound Help, Voice of Bob, Supporting Programmer, peder@zuricho.dk, https://www.zuricho.dk - Portfolio upload pending.
  • Michael Cavaleri, Programmer, spam-goes-here@cavaleri.dk, itch.io: Cavaleri
  • Josefine Overbæk, Artist & Animator
StatusIn development
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
Authorszematrixz, MrExillion, Jonathan The Dev
Made withGodot, Adobe Photoshop


Dinosauce.zip 42 MB
Dinosauce Sounds.zip 29 MB
urasic_Oil_Project_v0.2_sound_concept.mp3 1 MB

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